Thank you for helping with this project. I’m specifically looking for details surrounding schools, religious gatherings, and movie theaters as three large points of impact in this pandemic. Fill in the form below with what you know; when complete, you’ll get a copy sent to your email.

  • Name or identifier
  • Please use the same email address you used with this site before. It will not be published anywhere.
  • Which state are you reporting on?
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  • Masks

  • Did your state have a mask mandate? If so, when did it start and when did it end?
  • What % of people wore masks - both indoors (grocery stores) and outdoors (parks)? A rough percentage is fine.
  • Public Schools

    Tell us about your local public schools, and private schools if you are familiar with them. If you don’t have kids in any school, simply call a local school and ask. You could also speak to a friend, neighbor, or relative who has kids to find out more details.
  • Did schools shut down? About when did they return to in-person?
  • When schools retuned, how did they return (virtual / hybrid / in person)?
  • Is there a difference between public / private schools? If you’re more familiar with a local private school, I’d love to hear how they are dealing with restrictions along with anything you may know about the public schools as a point of comparison.
  • Have in-person classes been interrupted by newly discovered COVID infections? For how long?
  • Restaurants

  • Did your state have restaurant capacity limitations? If so, were they being clearly followed by local restaurants?
  • Were there indoor / outdoor dining exceptions?
  • Religious Gatherings

    I’m not picky about congregation, they could be synagogues, churches, wards, or mosques. I’m curious to know the details of how any local group is gathering. If you are not religious or you are not attending services, please call a local congregation to see if they are meeting in-person.
  • When did religious gatherings stop taking place?
  • When did religious gatherings resume, roughly?
  • What restrictions have there been on religious gatherings? These can be either government mandated or self-imposed. Examples of restrictions are capacity restrictions, mask mandates, or restrictions on indoor singing.
  • Movie Theaters and Live Performances

  • In the midst of the pandemic, were theaters open? What kinds of limitations or restrictions are in place?
  • Are theaters available for private rentals? What limitations or restrictions are in place? If your local theater is open, please go through the process of purchasing a ticket if for no other reason than to see how many seats are filled for a show on a Friday evening or what the seating chart looks like. Are there spacer seats blocked out?
  • This could refer to any live event, from concerts to theater to sports events. When did they open up? Were they indoors or outdoors? What were restrictions they had to abide by?
  • Other Things That Matter

    I want to hear your stories about how COVID has impacted your community. Have you been avoiding going to the hospital because of COVID? What about the dentist? What patterns have changed and how have they changed? Perhaps you work in healthcare or in a local government or run a small business or care very specifically about an activity or industry that has see specific impact related to COVID. This is the place to talk about that.
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