Volunteer for your region

The initial goal of this project was to collect interviews for every state in the country. While we’re still aiming for that goal, we recognize that there is a pretty large diversity of response even within a single state. 

If you don’t see your state on the main page, it means we are still looking for people to volunteer to share their story for your region. Please consider  signing up for your region. We will get back to you within a few days with the next steps.


We ask a lot of our participants. They make calls, do on-the-ground reporting and research, and spend valuable time compiling that in a way that makes it comprehensive and accessible. We believe that relying on this as a purely volunteer effort discounts the time and energy this takes and that these efforts are worthy of compensation.

Every participant is offered payment for their work because they are an equal part of the CRP team. Your donation will help us compensate people fairly for the time they put in to bring this project to fruition.

Our first donation goal will be simply to compensate all our interviewees for their time and work. If we surpass that, we will use the money to provide timecode summaries of interviews.

You can donate through our GoFundMe. We appreciate every dollar and thank you for your generosity.