The mandates are mostly lifted now; but we had one before. In my area (suburban, near DC) it’s about 90% masks indoors depending on the space (most places still require them and mostly enforce). In my neighborhood outside, about 5%, but more people wear masks in more crowded areas like shopping centers.

Have been seeing less masks everywhere in general since about March; also more rural areas of the state were never all that masked up this whole time.


I talked to a couple friends with kids and one who is a teacher–most public schools in the area returned to in-person in March and April. In my county they were all back by April 19.

Mostly in-person with some virtual days and virtual options available for kids who don’t want back. Private schools were mostly allowed to set their own policies–don’t know anyone with kids there but it depends strongly on region and parents’ demographics what they did.

There were no school interruptions that I have heard of, but I would not be surprised if there were.


Limitations were fairly strict and mostly followed in my area. Outdoor was less restricted but not by much. My county ordered all indoor dining closed between about mid-December and mid-February but outdoor was still allowed; however, there were still distancing requirements and capacity limits.

Religious Services

Services were cancelled in late March ’20. Depending on the congregation, most resumed services between late Spring and Summer 2020 for at least limited outdoor services. There were mask mandates, capacity restrictions, singing restrictions all imposed by the government here but from what I’ve heard many congregations self-imposed their own as well.

Movie Theaters

They are open now; mask mandates and capacity restrictions still apply. I just checked at my local and they have a couple dozen showings available today (Friday 21 May). Have not seen anything about private rentals. Looks like 4 seats blocked out per row of 12? Not that crowded for tonight on any movie I checked.

Items of Note

Big variation in concern levels and response by area–I think this is true in most states but I can go 10 miles toward the city and get somewhere that people are still paranoid, or 10 miles away and find a place where masks are rare and no one worries about distance or capacity limits.